About Colorectal Cancer

Facts and Figures


According to the American Cancer Society, in 2017 in the US, an estimated 135,430 people were diagnosed with colorectal cancer and about 50,260 people died from the disease.


Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women.


One in 22 men and one in 24 women will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in their lifetime.


The median age at diagnosis for colon cancer is 68 in men and 72 in women; for rectal cancer it is 63 years of age in both men and women.


60% of CRC patients will develop liver metastases. Approximately 1/3 of those will be liver only or liver predominant.


As of January 1, 2016, there were 724,690 men and 727,350 women alive in the US with a history of CRC.

1For more information, visit the American Cancer Society web site on colorectal cancer.