Intera 3000 Hepatic Artery Infusion (HAI) Pump

The Intera 3000 HAI Pump is the only FDA-approved implantable pump for HAI therapy

The Intera 3000 HAI Pump is designed for reliable, accurate drug delivery and simple, long-term maintenance. It has been safely used in thousands of patients for more than 25 years 1.

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Please see Important Safety Information for the Intera 3000 HAI Pump

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The Intera 3000 HAI Pump contains a drug reservoir which is attached to a catheter that connects to the hepatic artery – the blood vessel that supplies blood to tumors in the liver. The pump is surgically implanted just below the skin in the abdomen. Implantation can be performed as a standalone surgery or during other scheduled surgeries such as the removal of existing tumors.

Once the pump is implanted, body heat enables the delivery of medicine. There are no batteries, motors or gears that can stall or fail. The pump does not run out of power because it is powered by body heat. The medication flows from the pump’s inner chamber, through the catheter, into the hepatic artery, and is delivered directly to the liver.

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1 The Intera 3000 Hepatic Artery Infusion Pump was previously marketed as the Model 3000 Series Pump and Codman® Series 3000 Pump. CODMAN is a registered trademark of Integra LifeSciences Corporation. Intera Oncology is not endorsed by, affiliated with, or sponsored by Integra LifeSciences Corporation.