Dedicated To Changing The Course Of Cancer

Intera Oncology Mission

HAI PumpIntera Oncology is dedicated to helping patients live longer and better lives by changing the course of cancer with Hepatic Artery Infusion therapy.

In 2018 Intera Oncology co-founder Jonathan Reis, MD was approached by a close friend diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer with tumors in the liver for advice on treatments that would allow him to continue a productive and fulfilling life, maximize his chances of survival and extend his life expectancy.

In investigating the standard of care and treatment options in development, Dr. Reis found Hepatic Artery Infusion (HAI) therapy to be the most compelling approach for the treatment of colon cancer that has spread to the liver. Dr. Reis supported his friend through initial evaluation, pump implant surgery and ongoing treatments.

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Jonathan Reis and co-founder Dr. David Dove (whose father had also benefited from HAI therapy) learned that the only FDA-approved pump for HAI treatment was being discontinued. They were compelled to make sure the pump remained available for any patient who could benefit. They formed Intera Oncology and with support of many physicians who believed in the power of HAI therapy, brought the pump back to market.

Intera Oncology’s board members, investors and advisors include cancer survivors, family, and caregivers who credit HAI therapy with their treatment success and are dedicated to helping people with these challenging diagnoses lead longer and better lives.